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The Puzzle of Black Republicans

December 20, 2012

Here is an op-ed in the very tolerant New York Times written by a liberal black man wondering why a conservative black man can be….conservative. Especially since conservatives are anti-tax, anti-abortion, and anti-union. I thought the entire piece came across as very bigoted, and this further shows how tolerance can only be tolerated when a person or group has the same viewpoint as one’s self.


Things to Remember Come This November…

October 5, 2010

Ahh…election season!  I thrive it; I really should have been a political science major in college, as, for some unknown reason to myself and the rest of the world, I LOVE politics.  My blood has been especially rushing as of recent times because this November will mark the first chance that voters have to analyze President Obama.  Sure, there are stats, surveys and polls thrown all around the news; however, as most everyone will know, MSNBC is liberal and Fox News is conservative.  Somewhere in the mix is CNN, which someone told me still exists.  This means that the one way to gauge how the public truly feels about America will come from only one place….a voting booth.

This has happened before, most recently in 2006.  President Bush, by this time, had become relatively hated in the country and the Republicans had all but ruined the credentials they had gathered through Ronald Reagan and the 1994 blow to Bill Clinton.  Here, the big change came.

It is about to happen again.  The public took a gamble, first with the election of the 2006 and 2008 liberal Congress’s then with the inauguration of President Obama.  Over the past four years, the public has learned that the Democrats, when in power, seek to take all the great and oasis-like Keynesian theories they had learned over the years and attempt to apply them to real life.  The public has seen how well it works with unemployment actually rising during the time period, the financial crises occurring, and the government passing record-breaking and intensely costly bills, such as Obamacare and the “Stimulus”. 

This November, the tables will again turn.  After the “Stimulus” and ObamaCare, a new grassroots turned national movement started, now known as the Tea Party.  To be honest, I have not fully decided what I think of the movement.  I truly admire some candidates, such as Rand Paul, who come across as more of a Libertarian type candidate, but am not so much of a fan of the Christine O’Donnell type, which seems more like a new name for the religious right coalition.  However, the movement does seem to agree on smaller government with lower taxes; therefore, I guess I am more pro Tea Party than against.  The public, however, has responded to the movement because they realized under President Obama’s czars and “I know its big but I swear it needs to be bigger” perspective to government that the situation has gotten worse, people have realized that government may actually be the problem and not the solution.  Now we have the Tea Party.

I honestly do believe that the tables will turn significantly in November’s general election.  I base this more on intuition than actual logic or reasoning.  Please do not discredit me quite yet; I have notions behind my lack of logic.  DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT AN “EXPERT” MY NAME IS NOT DICK MORRIS. Ok..that’s over.  My basis for my belief is the negativity of the Democrats’ campaigns.  I cannot remember more vicious ads before this year.  In the game of life, there are those of whom are leading, and those whom are trying to catch them.  If the loser cannot run any faster, sometimes other tactics may be used.  For example, the Ohio 13th Congressional race has gotten especially nasty.  Betty Sutton has gone as far as to discredit the achievements of Tom Ganley in the private sector without stating one accomplishment she has made in four years.  She cannot run any faster; she is now throwing stones.

Remember all of this, and decide if you want government to continue as it is today for the next two to four years, or if you feel a change is needed from the current beaten path.

-Derek R. Stone

College is….DONE!

May 18, 2010

From the age of 12-16, it seems like time goes by at an incredibly slow rate.  When 12 comes along, so do the aspirations of teen-hood, dating, driving and basically all the fun things in life.  It seemed, to me at least, that these years took forever to get over with, and that when 16 rolls around, a sigh of relief comes with the notion of, “Wow, it took so long to get to this age.”

Fast forward to today.  I am 22 years old, with a B.B.A., and ready to move out of Midland, MI forever and back home to Ohio.  I have a full-time job lined up.  I am thinking about buying a house.  However, I look over my shoulder and wonder what happened to the last four years.  It literally seems like it was yesterday when my parents dropped me off in this strange place in Central Michigan.  Granted, time flies when one is having fun, and I definitely had my fair share during four years of college, sometimes for better or worse. 

Partying was not what necessarily the most fun part of college was.  It was truly discovering myself as a person.  I, as many have I am sure, continued to morph in different ways throughout college.  The person leaving now is a very advanced individual compared to the goofy 18 year kid whom arrived in the Fall of 2006.  Beyond simply developing as a person, the amount of knowledge of which I have acquired simply amazes me.  Never would I imagine that I could sit and enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal or watching CNBC.  Never would I have thought that I could have a truly educated conversation about economics.

The other part of college I will never be able to relive or do again was the people I have met.  I met and became friends with some of the most amazing people I have or ever will know.  From a girl I dated whom I ended up just being great friends with to my roommates in my “pool house”, to all of my fraternity brothers, the people who I became close friends with have been incredibly important to me, and I have no idea what I will do without them.

Then there were the professors.  While some of them left a great deal to be desired, there were others whom truly did what they should and encourage different ways of thinking.  My auto, finance, and economic professors honestly did make a great difference in my college career.  Their work can never be acknowledged enough.

I will sum this up by personally thanking everyone who has been there for me in some way, shape, or form during the past four years.  I will miss everyone dearly, and I hope to see everyone at some point in the future.

Hello world!

May 13, 2010

Hello WordPress community!  While I am very new to this, I truly am interested in getting involved through informative and educated writing, as well as putting my own spin on what I believe to be pressing issues today.  My writing will be mostly my thoughts on current events in the realm  business, politics, and finance.  I will also post more personal works on simply what is on my mind at a particular time.  Thank you!